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New York & New Jersey Attorneys

Client-Focused NY & NJ Law Firm

Individuals and businesses in need of a New York or New Jersey attorney should turn to Pinczewski & Shpelfogel, P.C. Our experienced legal team has offices in Brooklyn, New York and Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and are available by appointment in New York City. Our firm is focused on both transactional law and civil litigation in a variety of fields.

Real Estate Law

We represent individuals or businesses involved in transactions, as well as developers, buyers and sellers, cooperative boards and condominium associations, property managers, builders, and financial institutions. We litigate real estate disputes, such as claims of adverse possession and for quiet title.

Personal Injury Law

We represent plaintiffs in cases where they were injured due to the fault of another, be it an individual, business, city or municipality. We are New York’s premier car accident attorneys. We also represent defendants who are wrongfully accused in personal injury actions.

Business Law

We represent businesses from start to finish, dealing with business structure and formation, employment contracts, dissolutions, and everything in between.

Commercial Litigation

We represent businesses in all forms of business-related litigation, including dissolution, partnership disputes, mergers and acquisitions litigation, and more.

Insurance Law

We represent plaintiffs in recovering the insurance proceeds they are entitled to, including homeowners, flood, auto and disaster insurance.


We handle cases for healthcare providers, including doctors, dentists, and chiropractors in which auto insurers have not paid medical bills for services provided. We also represent medical providers who are defendants in actions brought by No-Fault carriers over billing and related issues.

How an Attorney Can Help

Our skilled attorneys will listen to concerns and determine the right course of action. This may be arbitration, mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), or litigation. Many areas of law are governed by multiple statutes. This requires careful attention to detail as well as organization. Our attorneys and staff are familiar with the legal landscape of New York and New Jersey. Our team has years of experience in working with applicable state and federal laws, city codes, and county ordinances. When we negotiate on a client's behalf, we work toward a settlement that is fair, ample, and will serve to end the dispute.

Individuals and businesses that have grounds for a case should contact an attorney right away. The statute of limitations for certain cases is very short, sometimes only two or three years. If a client waits too long to talk to an attorney, he or she may lose the right to file a case. Contacting an attorney and preparing a complaint to be filed is leverage that a client can use to his or her advantage.

What is Different about Pinczewski & Shpelfogel, P.C.?

Our team works directly with clients to communicate and resolve cases. We give clients the personal attention they deserve to close the case and move on. Our attorneys are determined and persuasive, yet organized and thoughtful. Years of experience have taught us how to work effectively to achieve excellent results.

Call Pinczewski & Shpelfogel, P.C. Today

Our attorneys are available to hear about cases in New York and New Jersey. Individuals and businesses with questions can call a Brooklyn, New York attorney at Pinczewski & Shpelfogel, P.C. at (718) 891-8200.

With decades of experience in Brooklyn, the attorneys at Pinczewski & Shpelfogel, P.C. deliver focused legal counsel and aggressive representation on matters of real estate, business law, and personal injury matters, including car accidents. Call us at (718) 891-8200 or contact us online to set up a free, initial consultation.