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Mitchell B. Shpelfogel graduated from Hofstra University School of Law at 22 years old, the youngest graduate in the school’s history. Mr. Shpelfogel began his career as Senior Court Attorney to New York Civil Court Judge Lila P. Gold, after which he joined Pinczewski & Shpelfogel, P.C. as a partner in 2008. Since his joining Pinczewski & Shpelfogel, the firm’s practice has grown exponentially, serving diversified clientele in various litigation and transactional matters.

Mr. Shpelfogel is a recognized leader in the field of real estate law. In 2009, he was noted by Crain’s New York and The New York Law Journal as serving as counsel to the largest multi-family residential transaction of the year in Brooklyn, New York. He is renown for his expertise in multi-family real estate and his legal acumen. Mr. Shpelfogel has been a repeat panelist at New York real estate summits, presenting on the topic to hundreds of attorneys and real estate professionals.

He regularly tries to verdict commercial, personal injury and other litigation matters with successful results, collecting millions of dollars on their clients’ behalf.

In February 2009, thieves, hiding behind a fake chimney to avoid detection, cut a hole through the bank’s roof, lowered themselves into the vault room, and stole the safety deposit boxes. Mr. Shpelfogel represented the largest group of victims, successfully negotiating satisfactory settlements for each client.

In addition to his law practice, Mr. Shpelfogel is an active member of his community. He is a Board member of Brooklyn Community Board 15 and sits on the Public Safety, Zoning and Community Affairs committees. Mr. Shpelfogel is also a board member of several charitable organizations and sits on the Board of Trustees of local schools.

After being personally impacted by Hurricane Sandy, during which he and his family were forced from their home that sustained severe damage, Mr. Shpelfogel lent members of his community assistance in recovery of insurance and disaster recovery proceeds. Having witnessed first-hand the severe impact of the storm on the community, his friends and neighbors, and having gone through the claims process himself, he felt uniquely equipped to deal with FEMA and insurance carriers. Mr. Shpelfogel helped many recover the necessary funds from recalcitrant insurance carriers, allowing his clients to rebuild their homes and businesses.

In his firm’s work representing clients in their Hurricane Sandy insurance claims, Mr. Shpelfogel found that a number of insurance carriers were resorting to unscrupulous and even fraudulent practices to wrongfully deny claims. Unfortunately, such fraudulent conduct and bad-faith practices are widespread. Incredibly, Mr. Shpelfogel found that an insurance carrier denied a claim on the basis of an engineer’s report that claimed damage to his client’s home existed prior to the storm, despite the fact that the insurance company knew that the engineer who inspected the home found that all the damage was caused by Hurricane Sandy and the engineering company changed the report to say otherwise. Pinczewski & Shpelfogel filed a class action lawsuit in that case against the insurance carrier and the law firm representing it, the engineering company, and other individuals and entities involved in the fraud, for colluding, in violation of the federal racketeering laws, to fraudulently deny rightful insurance claims.

Mr. Shpelfogel lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and four children.